* Rangehood Filters by Model # - Chef Westinghouse Simpson F & P

These filters are the framed aluminium type. Some have carbon inserts, some have an aluminium mesh. Whatever model reference information that is known about the filter is in this chart. If you don't know the model number of your rangehood, you can use the size selection chart by selecting it from the 'Matching Products' at the bottom of the screen. Should you wish to know more, please email us with any questions. 

How to use this chart:
There's an easy way to search this chart. For users of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox press Ctrl-F which will open a search box on the top bar of your browser. Typing the first few letters of your rangehood's model number into that box will automatically highlight the matching text in the table below. 
Once you've identified the correct filter for your rangehood, scroll to the bottom of the list and select it from the drop down list. 
Filters that are listed as "3-5 Days " can be ordered from the supplier for you. Filters listed as NLA are No longer Available and unfortunately cannot be ordered.
This is not a definitive list, of course. If your model is not listed here, please email us with it and we'll look the correct filter up for you. 

Models fittedtypePart NumberStockedPrice
Chef RF3A600, A1260, RF2A600, RF2A61, RF3A60B, RF3A90B, RF3A60BL, RF3A60SS, RF3A90BL, RF3A90SS, RF3A60W, RF3A90W, RF2A60B, RF2A90B, RF2A60BL, RF2A60SS, RF2A90BL, RF2A90SS, RF2A60W, RF2A90W, RF2A91W, RF2A91BL, RF2A91SS, RF2A61BL, RF2A61SS, RF2A61W, A1260AL, A1260B, A1290AL, A1290B, A1260LBL, A1290BL, A1260W, A1290W. F&P RH601 RH600STD,aluminiumRHF36220Yes49.95
Chef RHPROaluminiumRHF33510Yes49.95
Chef RR2A900, RR3A9, RR290SS, RR3C91BL, RR3C91SS, RR3C91W. F&P RH900SO, RH900SOCENaluminiumRHF80810Limited75
Chef RR3C60BL, RR3C60SS, RR3C60W, RR3C90BL, RR3C90SS, RR3C90W, R5060BL, R5060SS, R5090BL, R5090SS, R5060W, R5090W, R4060W, R4090W, RR2A600, RR3A61aluminiumRHF50810Yes59.5
Chef RR3C91BL, RR3C91SS, RR3C91W RR2A60BL, RR2A60SS, RR2A90BL, RR2A90SS, RR2A60W, RR2A90W. F&P RH900SO, RH900SOCENcharcoalRHF80810Limited75
Chef RR3C91BL, RR3C91SS, RR3C91W RR2A60BL, RR2A60SS, RR2A90BL, RR2A90SS, RR2A60W, RR2A90W. F&P RH900SO, RH900SOCENaluminiumRHF80820Yes75
Chef RRC600, RRC630, RRC660,aluminiumRHF51610Yes24.75
chef RRC930,aluminiumRHF40710Yes24.95
Fisher & Paykel Canopy RH600CR, RH600CO, RH900CRcharcoalRHF335203-5 Days73.65
Fisher & Paykel Canopy RH600CR, RH600CO, RH900CR. (Not 87488)aluminiumRHF33510Yes49.95
Fisher & Paykel Fixed RH600STD, RH601aluminiumRHF36220Yes49.95
Fisher & Paykel Fixed RH600STD, RH601charcoalRHF362303-5 Days46.5
Fisher & Paykel RH 600 Capany - RH600CR- 87488aluminium
No Longer Available
Fisher & Paykel RH600 Fixedaluminium
No Longer Available
Fisher & Paykel Slide out - RH600SO, RH600SOCEN, RH600SER, SB600charcoalRHF50820Yes99
Fisher & Paykel Slide out - RH600SO, RH600SOCEN, RH600SOR, SB600aluminiumRHF50810Yes59.5
Simpson canopy CU900S, CS900S, Chef RCC960S, RCE960S.aluminiumRHF354203-5 Days56.5
Simpson canopy, CU600S, CS600S.aluminiumRHF354103-5 Days56.5
Simpson RBN6aluminiumRHF31630Yes35.1
Simpson RCHR6aluminiumRHF49010Yes14.95
Simpson RCHR9 RCN6W*12, RCN6W*12, RCN9W*12, RCN9W*12, RCE6W*12, RCE6W*12, RCE9W*12, RCE9W*12, RCHR6S, RCHR6S*12, RCHR6W, RCHR6W*12, RCHR6S, RCHR6S*12, RCHR6W, RCHR6W*12, RCHR9S, RCHR9S*12, RCHR9W, RCHR9W*12, RCHR9S, RCHR9S*12, RCHR9W, RCHR9W*12, RCN6S*12, RCN6S*12, RCN9S*12, RCN9S*12, RCH62WB, RCH92WB, RCH62WB, RCH92WB, RBN9, RCE9, RCE9W, RCN9, RDN9, Chef, RFC930, RFC900aluminiumRHF42610Yes29.95
simpson RDHR9, RRC900, RRC960,aluminiumRHF40710Yes24.95
Simspon RCE6, RCN6B, RCN6W, RCHR6S*12, RCHR6W*12, RCHR6S*12, RCHR6W*12, RCHR9W*12, RCHR9W*12, RCN6S, RCN6S*12, RCN6S, RCN6S*12, RCN9S, RCN9S*12, RCN9S, RCN9S*12, RCN6W*12, RCN6B*12, RCN6B, RCN6W, RCN6W*12, RCN6B*12, RCN9W, RCN9W*12, RCN9W, RCN9W*12, RCE6B, RCE6B*12, RCE6W, RCE6W*12, RCE6B, RCE6B*12, RCE6W, RCE6W*12, RCE9B, RCE9B*12, RCE9W, RCE9W*12, RCE9B, RCE9B*12, RCE9W, RCE9W*12, RCN6, RDN6, RDN6S*12, RDN6W*12, RDN9S*12, RDN9W*12, RDN6S, RDN6W, RDN9S, RDN9W, RDN6S*12, RDN6W*12, RDN9S*12, RDN9W*12, RDN6S, RDN6W, RDN9S, RDN9W, RGN6S, RGN6W, RGN9S, RGN9W, RGN6S, RGN6W, RGN9S, RGN9W.aluminiumRHF55310Yes35.1
Westinghosue WRB602, WRB604, WRB606, WRC600, WRC601, WRC602, WRC603, WRD6, WRD600, WRD602, WRD603, WRD903, WRE613, WRR6, Simpson RAN6, RBE6, RBE9, RAN9,aluminiumRHF31630Yes35.1
Westinghosue WRF605,aluminiumRHF49010Yes14.95
Westinghouse WEX6, WRB608, WRB609, Simpson RAHR6WaluminiumRHF31630Yes35.1
Westinghouse WEX8, WRB809, Simpson RARH9W,aluminiumRHF31640yes38.95
Westinghouse WRF603, WRF611, WRF616, WRF600UWU*12, WRF600UWU, WRF603U, WRF603U*12, WRF613UK, WRF613UK*12, WRF913UK*12, WRF913UK, WRF601US*12, WRD600UW*01, WRG600, WRG601, WRG602, WRG613, WRD600-01, WRF602, WRF613, WRF600UA, WRF600UB, WRF600UK, WRF601US, WRF600UW, WRF600UW*12, WRF600UB*12, WRF600UK*12, WRF600UA*12, WRF601U, WRF602AW, WRF602KW, WRF602AW*12, WRF602KW*12, WRF603UW, WRF611US, WRF903UW, WRF911US, WRF603UW*12, WRF611US*12, WRF903UW*12, WRF911US*12, WRF613UW, WRF913UW, WRF613UW*12, WRF913UW*12, WRF616UK, WRF916UK, WRF616UW, WRF916UW, WRF616UW*12, WRF616UK*12, WRF916UW*12, WRF916UK*12,WRG600UK*12, WRG600UW*12, WRG601US*12, WRG602AW*12, WRG602KWS*12, WRG600UK, WRG600UW, WRG601US, WRG602AW, WRG602KWS, WRG602, WRG613UW*12, WRG913UW*12, WRG613UW, WRG913UW WRH600UK, WRH600US, WRH600UW, WRH602AW, WRH602KW,aluminiumRHF55310Yes35.1
Westinghouse WRF609, WRF610, WRF809, WRF609ES, WRF609ES*10, WRF809ES, WRF809ES*10, WRF609ES*12, WRF809ES*12, WRF610IS, WRF610IS*12, WRF610IW, WRF610IW*12, WRF610IS, WRF610IS*12, WRF610IW, WRF610IW*12.aluminiumRHF385103-5 Days24.95
Westinghouse WRF630CS, WRF630CW, RCC630S, RCE630SaluminiumRHF354103-5 Days56.5
Westinghouse WRF905, WRF905IS, WRF905IS*12, WRF905IW, WRF905IW*12, WRF905IS, WRF905IS*12, WRF905IW, WRF905IW*12. WRG900, WRG901, WRG913, WRD903-01, WRF900, WRF903, WRF911, WRF913, WRF916aluminiumRHF42610Yes29.95
Westinghouse WRF910, WRF809ES, WRF609ES*12, WRF809ES*12, WRF910IS, WRF910IS*12, WRF910IW, WRF910IW*12, WRF910IS, WRF910IS*12, WRF910IW, WRF910IW*12.aluminiumRHF390103-5 Days14.95
Westinghouse WRF930CS, WRF930CWaluminiumRHF354203-5 Days56.5
Westinghouse WRG605, WRG607, WRG610aluminiumRHF51610Yes24.75
westinghouse WRG905, WRG907, WRG910,aluminiumRHF40710Yes24.95
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