RF075 Fridge Evaporator Fan Motor CCW Universal

Part Number RF075 Evaporator Fan Motor CCW Universal Fridge

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This universal evaporator fan motor suits a wide variety of brand and models.

This motor runs Counter-Clockwise.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1616931, 695083, 695087, 695080, 695082, 1311673, 1310868, 1546956, 1606212, 1597454, 1605912, 1425470, 1441198, DR200, PH668, RF075CW

Suits Models: FN360F FN360FNZ FN360F*07 FN360FNZ*07 N300F NB400F FN300D FN300D*01, 480NF2 N480FM N479NK N480NH 480NF6-R 480NF6-L N480FF-L N500C N350C N400C N510FD 510NF4 N610EE 610NE5 N510FF 510NF6 N610FF 610NF6 N610FM 610NF2 N609GM 609NG2 FN360C

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