UK-35B1 Cooktop Knob top up pack 35 mm Black x 1 Universal

Part Number UK-35B1 Knob top up pack 35 mm Black x 1 Universal Cooktop

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Wilson Universal Knobs are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Part numbers are named to the type of universal set you will receive, and you can use this in our search to find other varieties, or simply search Wilson Knobs.

UK-##(Diameter of Knob in Milimeters)#(First Letter of Colour)#(Amount of Knobs in the set)

Example: UK-35S4 = A set of 4 Silver Universal knobs, diameter 35mm.


With this product, the objective was to design a replacement knob system that would improve the appearance & functionality of most cooking appliances.

After more than 2 years in development the result is a modern clean design that will look good on old & modern appliances using quality materials & finishes with knobs that are easy to operate & flexible in it's installation so as to fit most cooking appliances.

The Wilson Knob product was recently awarded a prestigious Good Design Award.

Available in 5 finishes & 5 sizes that fit most industry standard shaft sizes & fitting styles for you to easily & economically upgrade your appliances & kitchens appearance.

Features :-

  •  2015 Good Design Awards
  • Fits most cooking appliance control/knob configurations:-
  • 3 industry standard shaft sizes - 3/16" , 6mm & 1/4"
  • Flush , 10mm or 1" insertions.
  • 8 Points of rotation adjustment.
  • Gas & Electric compatible.
  • Gas ignition collar.
  • Modern minimalist ergonomic design.
  • High quality flame & temperature resistant resins.
  • Real metal finishes on Stainless & Chrome finishes.
  • Mix & match sizes &/or colours.
  • Choice of contrasting indicator colours
  • 4 Pack includes 92 piece  Decal & Temperature scale in  hard wearing & temperature resistant polycarbonate.

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