ULTIMA2 Air Conditioner Air Con Remote Universal


This Universal Remote Control suits most brands of Air conditioners.
It's great for Hotels, Motels or any apartments that are leased out. This control only has adjustment from 21 Degrees to 24 Degrees, and also has an automatic cut off after 2 hours which you can also over ride.

By using this remote control in your rented apartment, your guests will not be able to place the unit on 17 Degrees all day. They will only be able to set the unit to 21 Degrees and then after 2 hours the unit will turn itself off. This saves you money.

    • LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Kelvinator, Airwell, Electra and Email now included
    • Easy automatic programming, just press and hold
    • Over 1,000 different codes available for over 100 different brands
    • Has temperature selection, fan speed, wind direction controls and clock function
    • Comes complete with Panasonic Alkaline batteries
Please note: just because your brand isn’t listed doesn’t mean the Ultra will not work. It works with most modern air conditioners on the market today.


  • $45.00

  • Ex Tax: $40.91