0499200049 Washing Machine Hanning Pump Electrolux GENUINE Part

0499200049 Pump - Synchronous Electrolux Washing Machine Part

Fits most models of late model Simpson and some hoover and Electrolux branded machines as well. Full model list is below.

This is the Genuine Electrolux (Simpson) pump. Beware cheap copies.

May be known by other part numbers including: 0499200040, 1030211, 22001373, FI071024, HE010, 1581131, 1580368, 1581708, 1582407, 1580367, 1730970

Suits Models: 91304101000, 913001241, 91304101100, SWT902SA, 91304100800, SWT902SA*00, 913001228, SWT955SA, 91304100900, SWT955SA*00, 913001229, 91304100200, SWT605SA, 91304100300, 91304101001, 91304100701, 91304100801, 91304100901, 91304100201, 91304100301, 91304101101, 91304104700, 91304100700, SWT802SA*00, 913001227, EWT806SB, 91304103900, EWT606SA, 91304100400, 91304100500, 913001242, EWT959SA, 91304100600, EWT959SA*00, 913001243, LT955SA*02, 36S605N, 91304105700, 91304100001, 91304100000, 36S550N, 91304105100, 913001215, 91304100100, 91304100101, 36P450L*02, 36P450L*00, 22S750M, LT609SAU*03, 36P450L*03, 36S550L*00, 22S750M*00, K800C*01, LT608SA*02, LT608SA*03, 36S605L*02, 36S550L*02, 600MB*01, 22S950M, 36S605M*00, LT819SA*01, 36S550M*00, 36P500M*00, LT609SA*03, 800ELA*01, 36P450J*04, 36S550J*04, 36P450K*01, 36S550K*01, 36S605L*00, 500MB*01, 550MB*02, EWT806SA, 36S550M, LT819SNZA*01, 700LB*01, 750LB*01, K750B*01, 800RLB*01, 800ELB*01, K800B*01, 22S650K*01, 22S750K*01, 22S806K*01, 22S801K*01, 700LC*01, 750LC*01, K750C*01, 800RLC*01, 800ELC*01, 36S605K*01, K605B*01, 36P450K*02, 36P450K*03, 36S550K*02, 36S550K*03, 600MB*02, 500MB*02, K605B*02, 550MB*01, 36S605K*02, EWT806SA*00, LT908SA*03, 36S605M, K600B*01, K600B*02, K600B*03, 500MD*00, 550MD*00, 600MD*00, 800RLD*00, 800RLD*01, 22S650K*03, 22S750K*03, 700LD*00, 750LD*00, 22S816K*00, LT809SA*00, LT809SA*01, LT955SA*00, LT955SA*01, LT609SA*00, LT609SA*01, LT608SA*01, LT758SA*01, LT908SA*01, 500ME*00, 600ME*00, 700LE*00, LT819SA*00, LT959SA*00, LT819SNZA*00, LT959SNZA*00, 22S750L*00, 22S800L*00, 22S950L*00, 22S750L*02, 22S800L*02, 22S950L*02, SWT552SA, 22S750N, 22S750J*01, 36S556J*01, 22S741J*01, 22S703E*07, 22P650J*01, 22S750J*02, 36S541J*01, 36S555J*01, 22S741J*02, 22S650J*01, 22S751J*01, 22P650J*02, 800RLA*01, 36S551J*01, 22S713E*07, SWT802SA, 22S741H*03, 22S740H*03, 36S513E*06, 36S511E*07, 36S511E*06, 750LA*01, 36S503E*06, 36S501E*07, 36S501E*06, 22S713E*06, 22S703E*06, 22S711E*06, 22S701E*06, 700LA*01, 22S756J*02, 22S741H*02, 22S740H*02, 36S503E*07, 550MA*01, 500MA*01, 22S756J*01, 36S513E*07, 22S711E*07, 22S701E*07, 36S541H*03, 22S756J*03, 22S950L*03, 22S800L*03, 36S500H*03, 22S720F*04, 22S720F*05, 22S821F*05, 22S822F*05, 22S823F*04, 22S823F*05, 22P824D*04, 22P824D*05, 22P824D*06, 22S826F*05, 36P450J*01, 36S550J*01, 36P401F*04, 36P428G*01, 229728G*02, 22S730G*02, 36P450H*01, 36S500H*01, 36S540H*02, 36S541H*02, 22P600H*01, 22S700H*02, 22P600H*03, 22S700H*03, 36P450H*03, LAT9824AGE, LAT9304AGE, LAT9704AGE

  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Product Code: 0499200049
  • Reward Points: 400
  • $59.95

  • Ex Tax: $54.50