427919 Dryer Switch Install Kit Fisher & Paykel GENUINE Part

427919 Kit Hinge Rear Vented Door Fisher and Paykel Dryer

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For older model rear and front venting dryers where the door switch is mounted under the hinge cover.  Kit Includes:  Cover hinge white Clamp micro-switch white Hinge riveted assembly (2) Insulator micro-switch terminal (2) Screw (cover hinge mounting) (2) Hint, newer dryers have a small cut out in cabinet where the door closes.  It is located in the top middle and corresponds to the plunger on the door.  If your dryer does not have this cut out it is an older model.

May be known by other part numbers including: 1654554

Suits Models: HB78AU590E02, HB73AU54502, HB76AU560A01, HB78AU590E03, AD55AU 93214B, HB73AU54504, HB78AU570A02, HB76AU560A35, B15P42N0AU01, HB78AU570E01, HB73AU54004, AD39U, DE45F56A (93008), B16P42N3AU01, HB78AU57003, B15P42N0AU35, HB78AU57004, B15P42N0AU04, HB76AU560A05, B15P42N0AU02, HB76AU560A02, AD39, HB73AU54501, ED56MRTAU, HB73AU54005, HB33AU54556, HB73AU54001, HB73AU54002, HB73AU54003, DE35F56A, HB78AU570E02, B16P42N3AU02, HB78AU570A04, HB78AU570A03, B15P42N3AU01, HB78AU570A01, DE45F56EW1 (93108-A), HB78AU57002, HB78AU57001, B15P42N0AU03, ED54U, HB76AU560A04, HB76AU560A03, ED55-U, ED50, ED56, HBA73B550A02, HB73AU54503, AD39AU, HB73AU54402, HB73AU54401, ED56AUFP, HB78AU570E03, HB78AU570E04, HB78AU570S01, HB78AU570S02, HB78AU570S03, HB78AU570S04, HB78AU590E01, AD53U

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