ULX250 Rangehood Circular Carbon Filter Electrolux

ULX250 Circular Carbon Filter to suit Electrolux Rangehood

Unilux Universal Active Carbon Charcoal Filter (Single Filter). It is recommended to replace your filters every 3-4 months, depending on the amount and style of cooking. Saturated filters can restrict airflow and the performance of your rangehood.

We have a large stock holdings of Rangehood parts similar to this one. Including venting, cooking & filter appliance parts for all brands.

Online Appliance Parts can supply a complete range of Genuine Electrolux Spare Parts, as well as other cross-compatible brands from the Electroux group such as Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson, AEG, Kelvinator & Dishlex.

If you have any questions for our team about this product or would like to double check compatibility, please get in contact and we'll be happy to assist.

Alternative part numbers: ARCFD

Suits models: WRR614WA 95600216100 WRR614SA 95600216200 WRJ911US WRJ903UW WRJ903UK WRJ900UW WRJ900US WRJ611US WRJ603UW WRJ600UW WRJ600US WRH908IW 94200113800 WRJ600UK WRH908IS 94200113900 WRH608IW 94200112900 WRH608IS 94200113000 WRH605IW 94200112500 WRH605IS 94200112600 WRF913WA 956002196 WRF913SA 956002197 WRF910WA 956002192 WRF910SA 956002193 WRF613WA 956002194 WRF613SA 956002195 WRF610WA 956002190 WRF610SA 956002191 RRE934W RRE934S RRE635W RRE635S RRE634W RRE634S RHN9W RHN9S RHN6W RHN6S RFD902W RFD902S RFD602W RFD602S REHR6W 94200112300 REHR6S 94200112400 CRF610WA 956002186 CRF610SA 956002187

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ARCFD Rangehood Filter Charcoal (Single) Electrolux GENUINE Part

ARCFD Rangehood Filter Charcoal (Single) Electrolux GENUINE Part

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