Rangehood filters by Size - Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse F&P Robinhood

These filters are the framed aluminium type. Some have carbon inserts, some have an aluminium mesh. Whatever size information that is known about the filter is in this chart. 

If you know the model number of your ranghood, it may also be a good idea to check the model number lisitng (click on 'rangehood filters - by model number' in the Matching Products section at the very bottom of this screen) Sorry, we do not have model number listings for Robinhood. 
Filters that are listed as \"not stocked\" can be ordered, but please allow 4-5 days extra for delivery. Filters listed as NLA are No Longer Available and unfortunaltey cannot be ordered.
Once you've identified the filter you need, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select that part number from the drop down box. Should you wish to know more, please email us with any questions. 


depththicknesstypebrands fittedstockPricepart number
264196 aluminiumChef, F&P, Robbinhoodno36.95RHF26410
3162778.7aluminiumWesinghouse, Simpsonno75.90RHF31620
316277 CarbonWestinghousenlaNLA
3162788.7aluminiumSimpsonNLAUse RHF31620
317284 aluminiumWestinghouseyes31.70RHF31710
317284 carbonWestinghousenlaNLA
317317 aluminiumWestinghosuenoNLA
3352678aluminiumF&P, Chef, Robbinhood, Aristonno41.93RHF33510
3352678charcoalChef, F&P, Robbinhoodyes48.46RHF33520
340210 aluminiumWestinghosuenoNLA
350290  Westinghouse, SimpsonnoNLA
353272  Chefno49.9RHF35310
354255  Simpsonno75.90RHF35410
357267  Chef, RobbinhoodnoNLA
357278  Chef, RobbinhoodnoNLA
3601352.4 WestinghousenlaNLA
360135  WestinghosuenlaNLA
3622888charcoalF&P, Robbinhood, Omegano75.63RHF36210
3622888aluminiumChef, F&P, Robbinhoodyes63.80RHF36220
373170  Westinghouse, SimpsonnoNLA
375257 CharcoalF&P, Robbinhoodno71.73RHF37510
375271 charcoalF&P, RobbinhoodnoNLA
378215  WestinghousenlaNLA
385210  Westinghosueno31.68RHF38510
3891598aluminiumAndi, AEG, Aristonyes81.96RHF38910
390145  Westinghouse, Simpsonno20.80RHF39010
407200  Westinghouse, simpson, Chefyes31.68RHF40710
4263168.7 Westinghouse, simpson, Chefyes63.25RHF42610
435362 charcoalF&P, Robbinhoodno44.30RHF43510

4781888charcoalchef, F&P, Blanco, Robinhood, Omegayes46.83RHF47810
485215  WestinghosuenlaNLA
486194 aluminiumChef, Robbinhoodyes63.25RHF48610
490145  Westinghouse, Simpsonno20.80RHF49010
497170  Westinghouse, Simpsonno79.70RHF49710
500362  F&P, Robbinhoodno36.44RHF50010
502386 aluminiumChef, RobbinhoodnlaNLA
508172 aluminiumChef, Robbinhoodyes79.70RHF50810
5081728charcoalChef, F&P, Robbinhoodyes62.00RHF50820
516200  Chef, Westinghouseyes31.68RHF51610
5181888aluminiumChef, Robbinhoodyes81.5RHF51620
5181889charcoalChef, F&P, Robbinhoodyes54.71RHF51810
5533168.7aluminiumWestinghouse, simpson, Chefyes69.58RHF55310
576362.5 aluminiumChef, Robbinhoodnouse 2 X RHF36210
784193 aluminiumChef, Robbinhoodyes46.20RHF78410
793364 charcoalF&P, RobbinhoodnlaNLA
8081728charcoalF&P, Robbinhoodyes71.35RHF80810
8081728aluminiumChef, F&P, Robbinhoodyes71.35RHF80820
811188 aluminiumF&P, RobbinhoodnlaNLA
813188 aluminiumChef, RobbinhoodnlaNLA
814386 aluminiumChef, RobbinhoodnlaNLA

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